Applied & Experiential Learning

The things we have to learn before we do them, we learn by doing them – Aristotle

The Indus Experience Group & Corporate Agenda offers you Corporate Applied & Experiential Learning programs that have been researched & custom designed to cater to the daily work environment of a corporate employee, manager or senior honcho.  Our programs take you through a journey of continued learning because applied & experiential learning are not courses structured to fold up by a scheduled time frame hence it is advised to consistently involve the individuals & the team in such effective learning programs to enable staying on top of their performance at the work environment.


The learning gained, assists corporate employees to apply the Indoor, Outdoor & Experiential learning to good use in their real world environment.


Our Structured Program/s.

The program/s we’ve designed for your personal & team benefits include the following learning on a consistent basis. As often as you indulge in these programs, the more you enable organizational goals & are subsequently better productive at the office. Such learning programs enthuse and encourage people to get a focus & head on in their respective work applications making it positive for organizational objectives.


Here are some of the learning positives.


  1. Participants learn by mistakes without the fear of being pulled up for & the learning from mistakes builds better understanding to the learning process.
  2. Knowledge from experiential learning process has a better duration of retention by a person/s.
  3. It is possible to simulate an effective learning method to focus on any aspects of knowledge building for a team concerning your business process or areas of concern.
  4. It breaks down barriers, removes barricades & helps individuals understand cross organizational team work through appropriate application & related communication.
  5. With this program, a person is able to adapt & change without feeling negative about shortcomings.
  6.  The power of retention is high by training from an experiential learning process as much as 80-90% compared to traditional training or learning methods.
  7. Experiential learning processes are very engaging, extremely absorbing & is therefore more dynamic as a learning tool [within or around the framework of the requirement].
  8. One of the most important gains would be to have strengthened the confidence & determination of the individual so he/she is able to adapt to team perspectives.
  9. Just like driving a car…instead of going through books you are practical at it … this experience has the similar effects in applied learning over a period of time.

How Do We Engage? What’s The Medium Of Learning.

The medium of learning we use to improve the qualities of a corporate team’s organizational objectives are:

  1. Interactive activities
  2. Simulation projects.
  3. Small & inter-group assignments.
  4. Percussions & hand drums.
  5. Communication & management tools.
  6. Theatre & dramatics.
  7. Lateral think skills.
  8. Innovation & creativity.
  9. Outdoor challenges, low / high rope courses.
  10. Nature based activities such as white water rafting, wilderness survival & DIY tented camping, treks etc.

Programs / Duration.

Check with us on how we could effectively build a more productive & focused work force in your office & allied business systems. The minimum learning group size will be 25 Pax & the maximum at a time will be 50 or 60 Pax. Our corporate experiential learning program is sure to impact & empower employees over a long time to come in the future.

The programs will be for a minimum of 1Night & 2Days to a maximum of 3Nights & 4Days. However for effective results, it is suggested to run this program at least once every year if not twice.  Our facilitators can even do a series of day time sessions; if the client group is unable to plan an offsite program, in such a situation the sessions will be over 5 to 6 modules & at the client office or campus.

Generally , the location is usually an offsite in the middle of nature & preferably on the weekdays BUT can be done in a city periphery location too like a non-too commercial retreat or your office as already mentioned.

Pricing / Costs.

The pricing is only arrived at after a thorough meeting with our prospective client, the pricing is always an all inclusive that is i.e. training program, facilitators & trainers, logistics & support functions, accommodation, food & beverages etc. Transport if required, will be an extra.

Please note if your objective is to ensure the team needs a real good learning process thru this program, it would be advised at best to leave the complete programming to us including the location, learning methods & allied specs. The entire program will never be suggested in a resort like ambience but in a venue closer to nature & with specified equipment & facilities suiting our various training / learning tools & methods.


Experiential learning is like breathing, we need to do it all the time, consistently &  there is no end to it.


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