Corporate Day Outing

 “The good thing about teamwork is that you always have others by your side” – Margaret Carty.

Go with us & we’ll engage your group in a fantastic Corporate Team Day Outing. Get the signature experience.


Our Approach?

The facilitation team @ Corporate Agenda has been leading corporate groups & their project teams to some of the most fun & objective based corporate day outings since 1998.  We’ve worked with over 180 organizations in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & across the nation. Over the last 14 years we have facilitated more than 600 groups from a team size of 20 to 2400 plus. Our facilitated corporate team outings can be held at any location in and around the city’s periphery. Besides at Corporate Agenda we have the finest day outings facilitating team, a team of facilitators with years of experience & people engagement skills. Apparently our team of facilitators is amongst the most wanted in the business when it comes to people engagement.


Our project team outing & day outings are some of the most sought after because we bring a lot of value, fun effects & a well planned itinerary into the proceedings as is visible from our client feedback & testimonials. We encourage and activate team bonding so they bond together at work as well.


We believe a team of colleagues that enjoy bonding together are the same people who bring out higher levels of competency & performance at the work level for their organizations. In a typical day outing, our team ensures everybody participates & engages in the proceedings; in terms of activities there will be a combination of outdoor & indoor fun engagement as components of the outing. Project group outings are a morale booster and help hugely in team bonding when held every quarter or biannually. Our team games & fun team activities will be the icing to an enjoyable team outing when you engage our services.



The locations for corporate day outings are numerous around the city but we only suggest you places of top quality or recommend them as per your outing plan, team budget, travel time & other allied specifics. Whether in a resort or in a retreat that’s off the map, we promise the same, absolutely satisfying & signature experience.


End To End Services.

Our services for corporate day outings are end to end & include the most suitable location, logistics, food & beverages, PA, captive power [if the group is large], quality props, effects & top of the line facilitators…for a fun filled & enjoyable day.

Put in a nutshell we guarantee great value for your spend & perfect objective oriented team outings.


A Few Assured Team Outing Takeaway’s.

Some of the best outcomes to look forward to a great day out with us are:

  1. Better bonding of the employees.
  2. Greater camaraderie in the team.
  3. Ability to break complexes.
  4. Improve the morale of the team.
  5. Break the monotony of an office or work environment.
  6. Relieve work stress & help to unwind and enjoy a long funday with colleagues.

Pricing & Packages?

Our pricing is always on a per person basis & is based on a minimum number in attendance for the day & so we’d like our prospective clients to understand that the lesser the numbers it will be higher the costs, the better the numbers it will be a lot easier priced. We don’t compromise on our quality & never do much discounting.


Team Bonding & Day Outing Components.

Please note our Day Outing programs are about the most fun & bonding experiences. From the time you arrive at the venue our facilitators will engage your team to a hilarious 4-5 hour session & you will only end the day after a thorough fun riot. The components of our event application include:


  • Fun team engagement games [with the best props & activity effects].
  • Use of [lighter] lateral thinking skills.
  • Quite a portion of theatrics & drama.
  • Creativity & innovation [usually after a good lunch]
  • All our activities are very interactive & involving all participants.
  • We provide the day’s imaging as well for those fun memories [@ nominal cost].

Please note Corporate Day Outings are completely different from a Corporate Team Building Program – Day Outings are more on bonding & fun lines, while Team Building is a lot more on Team Development & Group Dynamics.


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Enquire With Us For A Corporate Team & Day Outing Plan?

Our quality services for Day Outings are available only in Bangalore, Mysore & Chennai only.

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