Corporate Floor Activities

Corporate Floor Activities we understand is an ‘always’ possible option, since it’s tough to take the team out of the work environment often, but yet you want to do something to keep the team morale high by often involving them in some bonding & motivational activities. Floor activities are a huge cost cut & a not too disturbing program for your office or work environment.

The best plan to run such a program will be to have Team activities on the work floor, this way you save a lot on impending costs – costs of transport, F&B, multiple facilitators & facilitation costs & precious man-hours.


How Do We Do It.?


Corporate Agenda’s facilitators will set up Team activities on the shop or work floor in all or whatever space is possible / allotted & will then run activities within a team with a fun or learning objective. The activities will quite often involve the entire team or at times for just a few while the rest are at the observing end [until their turn comes up]. Together everybody has our objectives guaranteed & the promise of an absorbing hour or Two.


By our experience it will be very involving & absolutely binding as a team.



These Floor activities can be for a minimum of Half an Hour to an Hour or Two in each Floor or work environment. Ideally we have it checked out prior to the day/s of the activity and so we are able to arrive at a given time & finish on schedule since the folks need to get back to work.



We recommend floor managers run these events at least twice a year or more as such activities break the monotony of a work environment & will surely enhance people’s involvement, productivity, bonding within a project team and camaraderie.


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