Corporate Offsite Planning

Call us & plan your corporate offsite with an experienced offsite event manager.

Over the last 14 years, we have been involved in the planning & management of over 120 corporate offsites for our clients. These offsites included overseas destinations as well as locations in & across the country. An offsite is very unlike your team outing. Offsite locations are in a resort, eco-getaways or even a retreat that’s out of the map BUT we’ll ensure it will have all the requirements for your business planning, meeting, special banquets & evening entertainment. Our managed offsites are 100% custom planned & absolutely out of the box.

We understood from our experience, a successful offsite must adhere to the following logistics plan.

  • Choice of an ideal location to suit the travel & transfer of all participants.
  • The venue is not too far away from the nearest bus station, rail head or an airport.
  • Does not take more than 8 hours if travelling by road [more than this can be a stress].
  • Does not take more than an overnight journey if by train.
  • The after offsite interests like shopping & some local sight visits are at accessible distance.

Corporate offsite planning must always include the following components from an organizational view:

  • Determine your participants at least 60-90 days ahead of the event schedule.
  • Inform guest speakers & special invitees, so they make their plans & block the dates.
  • Prepare program content & share offsite objectives with participants & vendors so they’re prepared.
  • Structure a core group to monitor & be responsible for various components of the meet.
  • Remind your participants of the agenda & consistently get their views & feedback.
  • Make participants comfortable & don’t huddle too many in a room [it can be stressful].
  • Never serve bar beverages during the course of your business meeting hours, keep it for after dark.
  • Do some backgrounds check & evaluate your activity managers before you sign up with them.
  • Ensure your event manager engages all the participants in the pre/post business hours or as suggested.
  • Budget for a good event tee & some memorabilia or take away for all participants.

Corporate Offsite Venues.

Ideal offsite locations from Bangalore would be around the periphery of the city, Mysore, Coorg, Kabini, Wayanad, the Nilgiris, Chickmagalur, Hassan, Karwar, Pondicherry, Kerala & Goa.


Offsite locations from Chennai would be Pondicherry, Bangalore, Mysore, Bandipur, Wayanad, Coorg and the Nilgiris, Kerala & Goa.

Some offsite locations from Hyderabad would be Bangalore, Mysore, Bandipur, Coorg, Karwar, Kerala, Goa and the Nilgiris.


The locations & venues are only a matter of places but it is your event or offsite planner / manager who will ultimately make the difference to what can be described as an ordinary or out of the box offsite. At Corporate Agenda we promise & guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

We also provide excellent support to offsite groups coming into to anywhere in the south of India from Mumbai, Pune and Delhi or other cities from across India.


How Do We Go About It?

Your team head/s of the offsite or co-coordinator sets up a meeting with us & we discuss budgets, logistics, and possible locations, understand the agenda & then we take some time before we set a plan to your purpose. All elements of the offsite are completely customized & we will try our best to give you an exclusive location, so your group is absolutely comfortable with the environment.

Our onsite & offsite support will be in:

  1. Event support & event management.
  2. Location & venue scouting.
  3. Projectors & AV screens.
  4. Branding & signage.
  5. Staging, backdrops & masking.
  6. PA & sound/mikes.
  7. Welcome/exit kits.
  8. Travel, transfer & event logistics.
  9. Event tees & memorabilia.
  10. Dedicated support thru the event.
  11. Accommodation, F&B.
  12. Entertainment for the group.
  13. Team bonding & group inter-active fun activities.
  14. Memorabilia of the event.

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