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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”- Phil Jackson


 The Indus Experience Group’ leadership was amongst the pioneers of Corporate Team Building facilitation in the late nineties. Team building activities were relatively new then & the best forms were exhibited in sporting & cultural events involving inter-corporate employee engagement plus a dozen odd nature based getaways that corporate groups would want to journey on.


Today, we offer some of the finest Corporate Team Building programs in the city of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & PAN India. We have in the last 14 years, worked with more than 175 plus Corporates across the south & in about 400 plus team building events. A few of our programs were said to be extremely ‘out of the box team building’ as some of our clients from GE had once said…a few years ago, apparently they themselves were trainers. In our programs we guarantee our clients a 99.99% satisfaction, to your customized Team Building program when you engage our services for the same.



We believe the various methods to realizing & implementing team potential must come into existence by first understanding the limits of your existing team members, some members in the team may be excellent while others just ordinary. It would be required to then start a process to identify & slowly equate and heighten team productivity by:


  • Identifying the troubled areas.
  • Understanding the negative impact zone.
  • Getting the team to know of the impending facts.
  • Encourage team members to work on a suitable plan.
  • Implement the best team plan for a successful team working thereon…
  • Consistently work on the process by supporting the weaker links in the team.

Our Approach.

Our Corporate Team Building programs are structured to team interests & requirement specific. The program managers will meet you & understand your requirement or even do this on the phone and only then will a comprehensive plan be laid out for your Team Building program…though nothing much can be done in a one day’s team building program, we still involve various personal & group dynamics to structure a practical & absorbing learning program that will effectively benefit team interests back in the office or work environment.


A typical Corporate Team Building program begins with a few rounds of energizers & then slowly but steadily moves on to complex thought & work process, decision making, collaborative working, responsibility undertaking & allied team dynamics / objective based activities.

We do not make it strenuous or complex being a one day activity as overdoing can be more disengaging the mind than building any confidence, therefore we try to keep as light as possible but yet we are able to drive home all the learning you possibly can & as you consistently engage us over a period of time, the learning will surely be transferred into your work environment… to say the least.


Ideally, a good team building program must be held for the group or team at least twice a year with may be one program for a day time & the other an overnighter in an out of the map or offsite kind of location.


Our Suggested, Custom Team Building & Team Development Programs are:

  • Team Building Workshops – Can be an intense one day program or an overnighter, suggested team size minimum 25pax to maximum 100pax at a time [for best results]
  • Team Building Activities – Can be a Daylong Team Activity, in a location close to the city with a minimum of 40pax to a maximum of 200 participants [content based on fun with team function objectives].
  • Team Building Events – We can schedule these activity based learning experiences & this can be part of your Offsite or MICE and we’d advise this for a minimum of 30-40pax to about 150pax.
  • Team Building Fun Games – This will be more of a team engagement, mostly applied in a Corporate Annual Day or an outing or any such activities where we involve a larger number of people & on a slightly lighter note since we can’t make it too intense in too large a gathering.
  •  Team Building Concepts – Our Team Building Effects & Concepts are applicable at various locations & work functions from Team Building in the office floor to Team Building at a conference or for a more structured program using the outdoors & Team challenge courses.

Our Team Building & Development program durations are:

  • One Day Team Building, morning to sunset [if you don’t have the time].
  • 01 Night / 02 Days [overnighter] Team Development Fundamentals program.
  • 02 Night / 03 Days [two nighters] Team Building & Team Development program.

 Ideally, we recommend you choose a program that suits your purpose.

Some of the Takeaways from our Team Building Programs are:

  1. Individuals become team players.
  2. Encourages people to develop & communicate effectively.
  3. Improve the quality of team deliverables.
  4. Develop clear focus on deadlines, timelines & allied schedules.
  5. Develop a positive attitude to team, project and organisational objectives.
  6. Ability to understand team’s long term goals.
  7. Understand parameters & limitations…so you can improve team functions accordingly.
  8. Bolster & encourage each other as a team or a unit.
  9. The team learns to trust & work together based on each other’s strengths or weakness.
  10. Promotes progress in a team’s project / office work & its related management.



The Team Building locations for a corporate team development program ideally needs to be a place where there are a few good facilities, basic if not comfortable creature comforts, a couple of in-house indoor & outdoor areas for effecting various activities of the Team Building training module/s. Most of all we’d suggest locations with a lot of lung space than just brick n wall. Nature has a very humbling yet very empowering impact.


We are associated with a number of excellent locations in the periphery of the city, in out of the map, eco zones & comfortable retreats PAN India. After we’ve met with you or talked to you about this program, we can customize a venue to suit the Team Building facilitation interests.

 ”You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”


Pricing & Packages?

The pricing is always for a minimum group size of 25 Pax. We don’t recommend more than around 120 Pax [+ or -] as a maximum group size for a structured team development program. Costing will depend on your team size, local or offsite location, objectives & requirement, duration and other allied effects. This is completely customized so we can give you indicative costs only post your briefing us. The minimum charges are for a day.


As team heads it is important for you to figure how you’d like to break up costs on such programs. For one we don’t believe in a client group paying up a major part of the funds for food, beverages, accommodation and just a little something for the very purpose of the program, rather you’d spend more on the objective of this program & we can yet make all else comfortable if not luxurious. The client group will need to prioritize here because we never compromise quality.

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Do call or email us, our team building consultants / managers will be glad to meet you & take a brief of your requirement, following which we’d be able to custom plan & take forward your team building program accordingly.


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