Corporate Team & Group Dynamics

The Core Effectives To Team or Group Dynamics as defined by the Tuckman process:

The way your team performs or succeeds depends on various dynamics in the group that influence the success or failure of a project team. Group dynamics exists in every office team or project groups. It can be just 4 people in a team of 10 or even 20 people in a team of 100. These dynamics are influences small groups have on the rest of the individuals & these numbers we just talked about are the dynamics that influence the people, their work, decision making & their performance results as well. That influence can either be good or bad for the team. Therefore every organization needs a strong team dynamics program & one at least every six months because such team influences depend on people’s relationships over a period of time. To improve Team & Group Dynamics, you need consistent mentoring.


Some points to improve on team & group dynamics in the office & work environment.

  1. First improve the bonding & friendship factor of all employees in the organization.
  2. Improve relationships between the micro co-ordinates in a group or team.
  3. Meet more often as a team, encourage compulsory participation.
  4. Appreciate individual achievements, recognize contributions.
  5. Try as often as possible to hangout or do something other than office work together.
  6. Encourage one another, remove all hierarchical culture so all team members feel wanted.

How We Go About Re-Building A Team. Few Of Them Are We…

  1. Drive programs & activities that involve active Team & Group synergies.
  2. Build confidence & empower individuals so they are able to relate to others.
  3. Use the outdoors & unfamiliar environments so you’re working together as a team by force.
  4. Run activities that involve compulsive inter-dependence in office & away from it.
  5. Break down ego & one-up man ship by a group evaluation of every individual [can even be on cam].

The resultant outcome from all the applications we use to empower Team & Group dynamics are that every team member turns out as leadership quality, working together & is an accountable team member on the project.

A detailed group analysis is done & maintained to monitor the team over a period of time.


Pricing & Duration.

The pricing will be worked out & arrived after a thorough study of the team & its current status. Minimum team size must be 25 Pax & Maximum @ 50 /60 Pax. The duration of this program can be over 5 to 6 or 7 sessions in a year depending on the progress.


Effects Of The Effort.

The measured results can begin to be seen after the first 4 or 5 sessions. It usually takes a minimum 6 months; thereafter we can train some of the team insiders to carry out simple team involvement & motivational activities to sustain the ‘good air’ for continued success until we are able to construct another program for the same team.


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