Drum Circle & Rhythm Engagement

Drum up some hi-energy, experience the rhythmic empowerment & let it flow into a synergy!!

Drum circle & Rhythm based engagement events have gained a lot of popularity across the country, although there are just a handful of drum circle facilitators or percussive & rhythm based facilitators in India. Overseas it is one of the most popular ways of engaging people & has had its presence there for well over three decades.

This is definitely one of the best engaging team activities & there is a lot of learning, fun & camaraderie that happens in these sessions, often they are extremely lively and very indulging. We have conducted quite a number of drum & rhythm circle facilitation, both corporate and institutional in Bangalore, the Nilgiris, Pondy & Chennai.

There are many occasions & events to apply this Drum circle & Rhythm based engagement:

  1.  Drum & Percussion Circle in The Office [an enclosed hall or meeting room will do].

    A couple of hours of building a synergy through drumming & rhythms will help the team enjoy a few lighter & lots of bonding moments. The exercise itself is an exciting feature as your facilitator sets you up with different patterns of rhythms & then brings you all into a collective roar of percussive delight…the joy on the faces of the participating people is just pure ecstasy.

  2.  Drum & Percussion Circle In a Conference or Business Session.

    You could do well to energize your participants by involving them in a drum circle & rhythm based engagement either before or after a business meeting or conference. What this effectively means is that the participants start off on a very high note of alertness & set them themselves into the proceedings for the day – if done at the beginning of the meet OR if you want to close a day’s session of business & shop talk, there is no better way to end the day on such a high note before you break up for the day.

  3. Drum & Percussion Circle in Meetings & Gatherings.

    It would be a great idea to have your colleagues, visitors or participants cut some ice & involve with something that will inspire them to take positive initiatives to the next level. This engagement will open up opportunities & for people to think aloud even while they are engaged in drumming up a consensus. Witness how team drumming can make a huge difference & impact people to a greater understanding of the business or task ahead.

  4. Drum & Percussion Circle for New Employees Orientation.

    This would be an ideal exercise to orient fresh & new employees into the company; team drumming & rhythm engagement builds an immediate connection between the existing and new employees, thereby building a rapport right away. It bridges the divide so perfectly & allows the bonding to mature from very early on; this will only have a productive influence sooner than envisaged.

The few obvious benefits of Drum Circle & Rhythm Engagement Include:

  1. Removes blockages & emotional disconnect.
  2. Acts as a medium of self exploration.
  3. Promotes harmony & mind sync with colleagues.
  4. Lowers your blood pressure, reduces anxiety & stress.
  5. Helps Team work & collaborative skills.
  6. Builds a strong & binding camaraderie.
  7. Highly energizes & frames a very positive attitude.
  8. Teaches people to experiment, explore & conquer the unknown.
  9. Drum circles equate people & bring them together.
  10. Drum circles develop  & enable a very intense group mindset.

Hear this out!!

And… the fact is till date we have not heard of anybody saying we didn’t like it; instead it has always been that we want more …!! The entire bunch of participants gets off with a huge smile on completion [as we’ve seen it till now]. This is the magic of our hand drums, percussions AND the facilitating team as well.

Where can we do this?

Drum circle & Rhythm based engagement events can be done anywhere in the indoors or outdoors. Ideally if it is a work environment where you don’t want people scurrying around & making a noise, then the confines of a conference room or cafeteria will be good enough or if you have a large campus & have a quiet corner in the outdoors, this would be great & all the more exciting.

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