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What is Corporate Day Outing or Team Outings?
Team Outings involve corporate project groups or teams taking a day off from their regular office-day & getting out to a retreat or resort to bond & enjoy a day together as a team. It is also called Day outings.
What are Adventure Team Outings?
Adventure Team outings are when a project or a corporate team engages in a day that’s packed with pre-planned adventure activities like White Water Rafting, Paintball, High Ropes, Caving, Rappelling etc
What is the minimum number for a Day or Team Outing?
The minimum numbers we run a program for – must be at least 25 pax.
What is the maximum number for a Day or Team Outing?
The maximum recommended numbers can be anywhere from a 100 pax to about 200 pax…more than this will be like a mela .
What is the minimum & maximum number for an Adventure Team Outing?
Minimum numbers must be 25 pax & maximum may be about 150-200 pax with multiple activities & facilitators.
What are the usual locations for a Day or Team Outing?
There are numerous retreats & resorts around the periphery of the city; we’re associated with only the best of them, hence please do check back with us.
What is Team Building?
Team building is completely different from a team outing. Team building is about addressing various concerns that may be affecting the progress of a team. This is usually done through remedial activities & group inter-action.
What is the content of a Team Building program?
The content is based on what problems exist in the team; accordingly the program managers or facilitators arrange to have a plan that may address these needs – through activities on a long term plan.
Who needs Team Building?
Team building programs are recommended for Corporate or project teams that aren’t functioning as a team anymore or there are glitches in the team that are often overlooked, the sooner the team addresses this, it will be well & remedial.

Where are Team Building programs usually conducted?
It all depends on a client & their budgets, ideally the best locations will be a retreat with an abundance of nature & greenery because nature is such a fine motivator of the human mind.
Is Team Building different from Day outing?
Very different indeed – Team Building is about the team’s development process BUT a Day outing is about creating a bonding within the team.
What is the meaning of Team or Group Dynamics?
Team or Group Dynamics is about the seamless functioning of a project team – on a person to person basis in the entire team.
When is a Team or Group Dynamics program suggested?
A Team & Group Dynamics program is usually suggested when a group finds broken links in the team, because instead of being one functional link, the team has become a multiple broken link.
What is a Drum Circle?
A Drum Circle is a group of people, usually normal folks trying to work up a rhythm, they could be playing African, Latin, Asian or even Indian drums – BUT they must all be hand percussions or hand drums.
How does a Drum Circle benefit a corporate project group or Team?
The benefits are many; some of them are team building, bonding, camaraderie &collaborative functions.
What is an Experiential Learning Program?
An Experiential Learning Program is about learning to do things by experience, in this learning you’d rather learn by your mistakes & by unbound methods.
What is the duration of an Experiential Learning Program?
The duration can be anything from a comprehensive Day activity to sessions of half a day over 6 or 7 times in a year.
What are Corporate Annual Days?
Like in a marriage, when a couple look forward to their wedding anniversary so also every company has a company formation day or simply a day decided by the management to celebrate together a day of bonding, fun & enjoying each other’s company. There is an corporate annual day in every company.
What are Corporate Family Days?
Unlike a Corporate Annual Day that involves the entire lot of employees, Corporate Family Days are about the employees & their families in a similar fun program – can be a day event or an event extending into the evening as well.
What are Rewards & Recognition programs?
Rewards & Recognition programs are about appreciating the contributions of various functionaries in a Corporate or a specific business/project group.
What is a Corporate Offsite?
A Corporate Offsite Is when a project team needs to go out to a location away from the office & into an unknown but comfortable location with all the support of an office environment where the team can discuss business, motivate each other & have some fun evenings as well. Usually an Offsite event manager sets up this experience.
What Is a Group Incentive Travel?
All Corporate groups look forward to incentives & managements quite often reward a team for good performance b y sending the group on a holiday tour either on a domestic holiday or an overseas trip – depending on available budgets.
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