Rewards & Recognition

“Recognition of the small things in people leads to the development of big things in people.” ― Brandon A Trean

At Corporate Agenda, we’ve produced & managed quite a few Rewards & Recognition and Employee Appreciation programs. It is definitely one of the most fulfilling moments to be appreciated in the midst of all your colleagues & recognized for all the contribution you’ve made as an employee.

It certainly motivates not only the employee being awarded but also inspires a lot more of the people to take up the challenge & do better at work in the coming year. Employee appreciation Is a definite & powerful tool towards employee motivation & people inspiration. Such appreciations go a long way in driving & motivating performance for better corporate goals.

Our services & support at Corporate Rewards & Recognition programs include:

  • Venue & location handling.
  • Food & beverages customization.
  • PA, sound & custom mikes
  • People engagement during the event.
  • Staging, backdrop & masking.
  • Hostess & volunteers.
  • Trophies, mementos & medallions.
  • Entertainment management.
  • Transport & travel handling.

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