Terms Of Service, Reservation & Cancellation



1. Reservations for all group activities or services are made only against payment of an advance or by a confirmation by mail by the client/group.
2. All group related programs need to be planned & reserved well ahead. We will not keep a blocking open for more than FIVE to SEVEN working days, if not confirmed by or within this time line; the same may be unblocked without the client’s consent if we do not have a communication yet to this effect.
3. In the event of a price hike [due to market based effectives] after a blocking has been made, the client can review the same & agree to go forward on the same. The difference of amount will be adjusted to the final payable amount / Invoice.
4. All payments by Corporates /Institutions need to be paid by cheque, demand draft, banker’s cheque or by Card payments to [favoring] – The Indus Experience Group.
5. An email communication will always be needed to confirm a group in a resort, hotel, retreat or similar venue for conference, team activity or any allied event/s.
6. We charge an extra of 2.90% towards Master / Visa credit cards, towards bank charges.
7. A 10% to 15% service charge is levied on all transactions for group events or activity Invoicing.
8. Government Service Tax will be applicable at 12.36% on applicable Service Charges.
9. Minimum Pax are the minimum billing guarantee for any activity or event Invoicing.


1. Cancellation is allowed, 08 days to 45 days from the date of the activity or event.
2. A blocking once confirmed by mail or by an advance payment, will be allowed cancellation as per following terms:

  •   Less than 07 days to an activity or event NO REFUNDS will be made. 100% forfeiture.
  •   Less than 14 days to 08 days – 50% will be refunded or if to be paid – 50% is payable.
  •   Less than 30 days to 15 days – 75% is refunded or if to be paid – 25% is payable.
  •   Less than 45 days to 31 days – 90% is refunded or if to be paid – 10% is payable.

3. All agreed refund amounts will be dropped into your bank account within 30days from date of cancellation.


Loss Of Property OR Breakages.


1. Please note if on an offsite or team activity or event – any person/s of the client group breaks or damages any resort or retreat or facilitator’s property, the same maybe replaced by the person in question or the company that he / she is employed in while on the event, activity or program.
2. However, we will in no way pay for this or even negotiate with the property or absorb such costs on your behalf. You will need to pay as advised by the property management or the event facilitators.
3. Any personal belongings, valuables or allied goods must not be brought to our activity, events or programs & if the same goes missing, we shall not be responsible for the same.

All disputes & arguments will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction & ruling of the Bangalore courts.

Post A Requirement & We Will Revert Thereafter !!


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